I have been moving on for some time now. And these are how I am slowly but surely letting you go:

1. I will stop checking your profile in all known social media.
2. I will stop talking about you and our memories together as a couple with my friends.
3. I will unfollow you in Facebook so that your activities will not appear in my news feed since I do not have the heart to block you.
4. I will tell our mutual friends to stop updating me about you.
5. I will even ask them not to mention your name anymore, ala Voldemort style.
6. I will spend more time doing the things I love that I put on hold while waiting for you to decide if we’re worth another chance.
7. And I will spend time trying out new things I wanted to try with you but you were reluctant to do with me.
8. I will spend time meeting new guys for friendship so I will have a wider perspective of the masculine side of things.
9. I will hangout with my girlfriends more in a clingy-girlfriend kind of way as a way of showing gratitude while they stuck it out with me when I was going through hell accepting the end of us.
10. I will spend more money on me knowing that I will appreciate every peso I will spend on me the way you never seemed to appreciate the gifts I gave you.
11. I will stay friends with your crew so that you’ll know through them that I am moving on graciously without you.
12. I will post on all my social media accounts the things and people that make me happy to remind myself that my happiness is not with you. I can make my own happiness.
13. I will attach new significance to places, things, music and people that were significant to us as a couple.
14. I will start getting fit again because I have not been consciously taking care of my body since we broke up.
15. I will put in a box everything that reminds me of you and keep it in the bottom of my cabinet where I keep my keepsakes.