This is a nice read. And I’m happy to say, I’m in Step 7 now. 🙂

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image - Daniel Santalla

Step 1: Cry

Cry like you were just pushed out of the tightest vagina on earth, like you just banged your little toe on every piece of furniture at IKEA, like you just accidentally peeled that skin next to your pinky finger’s nail. Just let it all out.

Call your bestfriend and dump everything on them for 4 hours, then come to their house anyway. Eat ice cream and stream shitty rom-coms on Netflix while crying and fighting all the urges to contact your dumb ex.

Spend the next few days repeating all this, or remain on bed feeling like the biggest loser of all time. It’s all okay. Take as much time as you need. Look as ugly as you please. Know that when you’re done with this, you will come out stronger and better.

Step 2: Stop crying and wear your poker bitch face

Yes. That sexy, badass…

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