“And that just because we don’t have it now doesn’t mean that we won’t, and nor does it mean that we’re not enough in this moment because we don’t have it.”

Thought Catalog


I’m struggling with this notion that I have to be perfect in order to attract someone, she wrote to me. I’m not ignorant, I am 100% aware that I will never be perfect, no one is.

She continued, But, my apartment is a legit mess sometimes, my skin looks like shit some mornings, I don’t work out often enough… You know, it’s these things that you’ll inevitably haunt yourself with. I get up and I feel like I’m carrying 7 times my weight in sacks of my worries.

I closed my eyes and took a breath. I knew what where was going. I knew what she was going to say.

A man.

I ended something with a guy that I was convinced was my guy, because he wouldn’t commit. I’m still not over him. He works in my office, another building, a different department. But, for instance, I walked…

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