Right on, especially number 17:

17. You usually have to set five different alarms when you take a nap, because you always accidentally snooze through the first two or three.

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1. In the same way that some people start planning dinner while they’re still eating breakfast, as soon as you wake up, you’re already planning what time you get to lay down again that day. The only thing that gets you out of bed is figuring out exactly how many hours you have to be awake before you can go back to sleep.

2. You spend much of your time in school or at work indulging in pleasurable fantasies… about taking an afternoon doze.

3. You’ll click on any article about napping, especially if it contains “facts” that prove napping can be good for you. Basically, you’ll read anything that will possibly alleviate the guilt you feel over being a complete nap lard.

4. And because of this, you’re full of random-ass factoids that you’re ready to throw at your friends the instant they make fun of…

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