Hey YOU,

I am now on my fifth out-of-town trip without you. I have to admit that I enjoy every minute of my travels even without you but I also have to admit that I miss your company during my trips.

I miss hearing your voice over the phone, keeping me company during the long travel times.

I miss receiving your text messages, asking me how my trip was and reminding me to keep watch of my things.

I miss going on catch-up dates with you, telling you about my trips and letting you know how much I wish you were with me to enjoy my trips.

Most of all, I miss YOU. I miss the caring, thoughtful and sweet YOU.

Until now, six months after our relationship ended, I am still stuck on YOU. And my heart still hopes and prays that God will let our paths cross again someday, not to meet in an intersection again but to merge into a one-way, one-lane road.