For my future husband,

I promise I will never let you forget how much I love you.


Sadly, marriage has lost much of its meaning in today’s society. Growing up in a household where my parents have been together over 35 years and my grandparents over 60 years, I was always under the impression that marriage meant forever. It is a pledge, a promise, a commitment to another human being to be there for them and with them through thick and thin. To be their teammate and their partner in love and in life.


Unfortunately these days, ‘Until death do us part’ has become ‘until I get bored of you,’ or ‘until times get rough.’

With celebrities spending millions on marriages that last 72 days, over 50% of American adults being single, and a higher-than-comfortable divorce rate, one may begin to ask themselves what exactly is going haywire.

I think a big part of this problem is that people are not fully aware of what it really…

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