Everyone has that one thing or person that penetrates through their being and sucks the very life out of them if they got exposed to it or deprived of it. Superman has kryptonite. Green Lantern has the color yellow. Iron Man has a weak heart. Achilles has his heel. Indiana Jones has snakes. Dracula has sunlight. Samson has his hair.

Mine? Currently it’s still you Ching. You have overtaken my weakness for dark chocolates and chocolate chip cookies in my list of weaknesses. Losing you still have that effect on me; it causes me to weaken all resolve, break down and weep. Weep for our lost love. Weep for what we have been and could still be. Weep for the hopelessness of our current situation.

Today is the 11th day of the month. I admit that I am still crying over you. And that I still greeted us in my mind a happy monthsary.

I cannot say right now how much longer this will last. I only know that God’s grace is made perfect in my weakness and that it is Christ who will strengthen me to press on towards the goal set before me. So even if you are currently my weakness, I will keep my faith and fight the good fight.


I still pray for you Ching every single day and thank the Lord for your life every time you cross my mind, which is still practically every waking and breathing moment of my life.