This is a blog about me. Yes, you read that right. About me.

My best friend wrote this for me. I don’t know when she intended for me to read this but she gave me the link to this blog entry during a time when my heart felt so heavy that I almost believed I was worthless. It never crossed my mind before how much my life could have an impact on another person.

So without further ado (and with permission to reblog from the author), here’s a very candid description of me. Happy reading! 🙂


Dear Best Friend,

Twenty-one years of friendship… WOW! It’s an amazing thing that we remained the best of friends after all these years! I really thank the Lord that He bonded us together and let us experience a lasting friendship. Actually, the term “Best Friend” is just a branding of this world but to me, you have exceeded the “duties” that a best friend could ever make. To me, you are more than that. You are my sister—my soul sister! Ha-ha!

I can vividly recall how we used to write each other letters even though we were just a seat apart in the classroom, let alone the fact that we see each other every single day. It has been a favorite thing of mine to spend all my scented stationery just for you. Yes, you are worth the bother. That was fun! I have kept several hand-written letters of yours in my “memory box”…

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