I have always loved to travel. I enjoy the opportunity of going to new places, meeting new people, trying new experiences and learning new cultures. I am comfortable traveling by land, sea or air. I can endure grueling hours of travel time if it means getting to the destination I have set my heart into reaching. However, as much as I want to get to my destination fast enough, I have to learn to appreciate the waiting and anticipation that traveling gives me.

And in my life, this same scenario happens.

I have set markers or life goals for myself. Some of these I have already achieved, some I am in the process of achieving and some have been totally forgotten because they no longer seem as important to me now.

Of the things that I am in the process of achieving, nothing is more monumental than knowing who will be the blessed man who will win my heart. You see, this is the last of my markers that I have yet to achieve that is worth more than the other markers combined. Why? Because he who will win my heart will determine my Destiny.

Right now, I am packing my bag for my out of town trip with my friends tomorrow. And the thought that has been with me since I was deciding what clothes to pack to this very moment I am typing this entry is this: I am packing my bags but I will definitely be leaving my heart here with you Ching.