I usually raise people’s eyebrows whenever I say that “I am shy” or
“I can’t do it”. And they would tell me I am just being humble or I do not give myself enough credit.

What people do not know is that I am still a little girl inside, whose fascination and fear of the world is only covered by the bravado of a strong, independent woman.

This is not to say that I am not secure of myself or that I do not have my acts together. I do. But sometimes life throws things, people and situations my way that leave me imbalanced and feeling lost. It’s like playing badminton and getting hit hard on the shoulder with the shuttlecock because of your opponent’s unexpected smash.

When I admit that I am feeling bashful or incompetent, it means that I am admitting to being caught off guard at that very instant. It also means that I am mustering up the courage to rise to the occasion, knowing full well that no matter the outcome, at least I can be honest with myself and admit that I did the best I could.

So the next time I say that “I am shy” or “I can’t do it”, please do me a favor. Give me about 10 seconds to catch my breath, take it all in and face whatever challenge is before me. Then watch me rise above the situation.